Gun Graveyard – New Meta Confirmed!

Hello folks Lolman here, yes not dead yet. I've made all splashyard related aides on CRA and I am back at it once more!

I've found some amazing approaches to include the Cannon card and Ice Wizard with Graveyard!

This deck has gotten me a couple consecutive 12 wins and a couple of my companions, including Will, tried the deck and were effective with it also!

So right away, onto the deck!


Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale KnightClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Tornado

Clash Royale BatsClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Cannon Cart

trifecta examination

The Deck

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

In the current adjust change, Graveyard was buffed and nerfed in the meantime. In any case, as I would see it, it is still in a decent position at this moment.

The "nerf" by one means or another diminishes the space for blunder where Skeletons may initiate the King Tower. Additionally, Skeletons will generate nearer to the Tower. Consequently, they can walk less and will have the capacity to hit the Tower sooner, influencing more to harm!

However cards like Poison now are better at countering Graveyard.

Memorial park situation is the key. Contingent upon what your rival has, you will normally change the position. In any case, a bigger number of times than not, you need the Graveyard to generate Skeletons on the two sides of the Tower.

Ensure normal counters like Ice Golem, Valk and so on can't get them at the same time.

new memorial park arrangement

Run of the mill Graveyard Placement

Clash Royale KnightKnight

This is likely a standout amongst the most prevalent tanks matched up with the Graveyard.

The reason is that he is a standout amongst other cautious cards and he has an OK measure of HP too!

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He isn't a quick troop so you can construct Elixir for the counterpush!

Also, in light of his ease, you don't have to spare as much as say a Giant keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Poison.

He is splendid at taking care of troops behind a tank too, similar to Musket, Wizard, Ice Wiz, E-wiz and so on.

Clash Royale PoisonPoison

Spell that synergizes best with Graveyard!

Its span is just somewhat lower than the Graveyard, hence giving an enduring insurance.

Toxin 1 shots doots, After full term, it will execute a Musketeer, Wizard, E-wiz and so forth

Make an effort not to overcommit however! On the off chance that you can't execute the troops in the Poison and doesn't yield an impartial or positive exchange, in a perfect world keeping a counter push while you have guarded cards like Tornado on the off chance that they surge with Hog, you shouldn't Poison all things considered. Attempt to get esteem and be extremely reluctant to Poison something with your Graveyard in 1x Elixir which may end being an awful move like Poison on Bats over a Graveyard or Goblins. However in 2x Elixir don't hesitate to take these negative exchanges.

Clash Royale TornadoTornado – Tornado is back child, nado Hog to ruler, Barrel to lord, Miner to ruler or even let Bandit interface and nado her to the ruler Tower!

This spell will be your go-to on occasion.

You need to combo it with Ice Wizard for the most part, with his moderate this can be very pleasant simply time it legitimately however!

You can likewise pull a flawless little haul a valk out of the Graveyard too!

Clash Royale BatsBats – Cycle card, great if your rival runs Log nor Zap, you can utilize this to draw out spells as well!

On the off chance that the adversaries utilize Zap or Arrows to evacuate them, you can not stress over them doing as such to your Skeletons from the Graveyard! Just 2 Elixir useful for positive Elixir exchanges, make OJ glad.

Clash Royale Ice WizardIce Wizard-3 Elixir, the MVP of this deck. Use his moderate and sprinkle!

While you need DPS, this person will give you more opportunity to execute the adversaries.

Continuously have some different troops like Knight, Cannon Card failing for him.

His sprinkle isn't that huge, nor is it that harming so take care to utilize him in a way that mitigates harm.

ice wizard tornado

Here I was at first substance with utilizing only the Knight versus the Mega Knight (not giving him a chance to hop on the Knight, I put him comfortable Mega Knight.) When the Minions were set, that implied inconvenience for the Tower, so I drop the Ice Wiz and Tornado it. Ice Wizard survived and got out that last flood of Fire Spirits as well! Esteem city.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion

I utilize Mega Minion rather than E-wiz basically on the grounds that conveying 2 Wizards isn't generally something I might want, and Mega makes this deck more allowed to play neighborly.

Obviously you can sub in an E-wiz here in the event that you need to.

Mega is mostly for protection and perhaps a troop behind the knight when you utilize Graveyard.

While you can Mega Minion + Graveyard, I have a tendency to incline toward not utilizing Mega Minion in a hostile way unless it's the main tank I have and I need to surge a Pump.

Like the Knight, you can utilize him to bring down troops behind a tank, similar to a Musket, Wizard, Ice Wiz, E-wiz, and so on.

Likewise really great at bringing down a Hog yet ought not in a perfect world be utilized alone in light of the fact that Hog will get 3 swings on the Tower (more than 600 harm!)

Clash Royale Cannon CartCannon Cart


This card is shockingly solid now with its shield surviving a bounce from the Mega Knight+ a standard hit this taking

In 2x Elixir, Cannon Cart + Graveyard is a pleasant play to be straightforward. It's extraordinarily difficult to obstruct the Cannon Cart as it moves very quick. In 2x Elixir, in a 1-1 or 1-0 circumstance, I cherish playing Graveyard at that point Cannon Card in the pocket.

With the range, each hit will bargain 203 harm onto the Tower also to the Skeleton chip which will heap up. Not at all like say a Knight in the pocket who can be diverted simpler than a Cannon Cart. Likewise, the Cannon Cart altogether has more HP than a Knight at Tourney top!

Versus Mega Knight you need to pull him towards the inside, the hop will thump the Cannon Cart back a bit, leaving the Mega Knight in the scope of both the towers. You can likewise simply stay away from the bounce and place it directly before the Mega Knight, which works similarly also yet there won't be a counterpush for you!

General Gameplay

Early amusement (3:00-2:00)

At an early stage, as with truly all decks, you won't have any desire to run forcefully with say a Cannon Cart + Graveyard push, unless they Pump up obviously.

burial ground versus pump

They pump up? Rebuff!

So beginning off with something like cycling Bats in the back by either part them or putting them on one side is fine. Knight in the back, Mega Minion in the back, and so on.

Ice Wizard ought to in a perfect world not be cycled but rather a bigger number of times than not you won't generally be rebuffed for an Ice Wiz at the back on the grounds that despite everything you have Poison and Tornado in the event that they say utilize a Hog+ Horde push on the other path!

So gage your adversaries deck while protecting.

Not at all like beatdown, this deck is a 1-0 deck so you need to keep away from as much harm as you can while not making any amusement changing negative exchanges.

For instance, I would utilize perhaps a Mega Minion to stop Fire Spirits however I would abstain from accomplishing something like Ice Wiz + Tornado for Minions

Mid amusement (2:00 – 1:00)

At this point you will have made sense of what you are playing against. Endeavor to dependably keep your Knight and Graveyard in cycle together.

You will need to get some chip harm in this little time extend.

In a perfect world, you need to counterpush like with any splashyard deck.

Not at all like other splashyard decks, you don't generally have any moderate moving troops like the Bowler however. Be that as it may, all the same, make positive exchanges.

When you outcycle their counters or are in front of Elixir, you can essentially utilize a Knight Graveyard push to do a great deal of harm!

That being stated, this is the point at which you would move to another lane too!

Let's assume you rebuffed a Pump, got around 1000 harm on the Tower and they begin a Golem in the back?

Since Lightning will slaughter your Ice Wiz, you need to not manage that push if conceivable so you should surge the other path.

Utilizing a basic Tornado, you can counter that Golem if the circumstance calls for it, so get your rival to part his/her Elixir.

In the event that you get the Tower of a considerable measure of harm, you are in a decent position to take that 2-1 win in the event that they do figure out how to take your own particular Tower.

So more or less, guard and accept each open door you get the chance to benefit from rivals mix-ups and misplays to get harm!

Late diversion (1:00 – end of OT)

I would cycle Knight + Graveyard and Poison against whatever they guard with more than once, while utilizing Cannon Cart, Mega, Ice Wizard, Tornado on resistance.

It ought to in a perfect world be a GG where you protect then counter push and whittle their Tower away.

In 2x Elixir, with this medium normal Elixir cost, you will have the capacity to cycle this moderately rapidly utilizing Bats, Ice wiz, Knight and so on to cycle back to Graveyard + Poison with your troops failing and afterward get what harm you can.

Persistently wearing down the Tower till you at long last get that win.


Clash Royale GolemGolem Night Witch

Versus this deck, you need to rebuff the adversaries pumps without missing a solitary one!

Utilizing the Graveyard, over basically harming it, if conceivable I would spare Poison for resistance since Ice Wizard + Poison are sufficient to murder Night Witch, Mega Minion and so forth.

Try not to give your rival Lightning or Rocket esteem either! Something I like doing is utilizing Cannon Cart will tank a few hits from the Night Witch, Mega Minion and so forth. At the point when shield falls off, Golem will go to assault the Cannon Cart without the shield while you will in a perfect world utilize Tornado + Ice Wiz to kill the back end troops too, bringing about a somewhat decent exchange for you.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider

Tornado is your closest companion!

Tornado the Hog to the King and you are ready.

On the off chance that it's the P.E.K.K.A Hog, dodge Poison or Lightning esteem. Same for Mega Knight, utilize Cannon Cart versus Mega Knight.

Likewise Knight is a decent barrier versus the Mega Knight as well! Utilize Ice Wiz+ Tornado on the off chance that you can get esteem versus a Hog push yet you will need to spare the Tornado for the Hog consistently.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard-Ice Wizard, Bats, Mega Minion and Knight are altogether clever responses for t


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